Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lots O Fun

As a fun little sidenote - we just started a fire right now with the cedar planks that we purchased a HUGE bag of for $20 in the fall. It's leftovers from a lattice fence making company - and it would probably add up to be about six (or more) trashcans full of foot size or smaller planks. It doesn't exactly "stack" easy, but after using some of it before the garage was cleaned, we finally unloaded the bag into bins and lots of paper sacks filled with the scraps and newspaper to make for instant fire starters. The whole thing is ideal for us as the fires we make are generally more productive as ambiance vs. a real source of heat (not super efficient). And....oh, what a perfect fire it makes - dry cedar (it smelled SO GOOD when it was initially delivered) - and it makes all of those perfect crackling, poppy sounds....I think we'll be going this route every year - what a deal!

Okay, onto a recap of the weekend so far -

- The Civil War game. It was a total blow-out in favor of the Ducks. Good news for us, but it made for kind of a boring game. Michael actually took a nap. Irregardless, the boys all had fun and I'm so thankful for the excuse it provided to make for a fun weekend all together.

- "I Am Number Four". We ended up watching it last evening as Michael needed to head home today to complete some work in his "home" office today. It was great because he was finishing the novel en route to the theater - so that all six of us in attendance (Michael, Michele, Traig, Stephie, Brayden, and myself) had read the book. The critic I read in our newspaper pretty much hated it, so that was discouraging, however, it did not seem as though he'd read the book. He tried to make it sound as it was just another teen action movie that is a knock-off of the "Twilight" series. Huh?! We LOVED it. There was actually less language in the movie then there was the book - very few - and it really followed the plotline quite accurately with the changes that were made still in accordance with the end result (and probably an attempt to tell the story in two hours of film time). I'm not sure what you'd think if you hadn't read the book, but I can't imagine you'd be disappointed. On a personal note, the popcorn, soda, and snacks I had were especially noteworth-ily awesome. Nothing like the sweet taste of indulgence when you've been trying to be good for awhile. Sitting in there, watching the previews, soaking it seems insignificant, but it was definitely a happy moment. =)

- "Unstoppable". This was the movie choice to watch among us six adults when we got home. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine lead the cast of this story "influenced be true events" of a runaway train. The beginning is a little bit bogged down trying to give you enough set up of the details of the trainyard - but, it is necessary - and after that, the action is, well - "unstoppable"! Good movie, a tad more language (and gestures) than I would have preferred, but I'm guessing it was probably a realistic portrait of the real-life characters.

During this time, the girls transformed the kitchen and bonus room into an entire Playmobil city, making us happy that they are so happy.

As for this upcoming week, no school tomorrow - Michele and the kids will leave in the afternoon, some meetings and appts. Tuesday and Wednesday and then a two day assignment at the school I've been to most on Thursday and Friday. HOWEVER, there is SNOW in the forecast....particularly for Thursday and Friday - so we will just have to see. =) It's definitely OUR TURN, that's for sure.

P.S. - One of those engagements I thought might happen with the year....well, CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN AND KELLI! They were both at our Superbowl party (Kelli was sitting next to me on the couch and Brian was getting adorned by Mikayla and Erica with barrettes). I have yet to hear details, but I have no doubt the proposal was wonderful - and I'm very, very, very happy for them!

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Tiffany said...

Sounds like you guys have had a great weekend. I have seen the previews for "Unstoppable" and will have to watch it. We just got around to watching two this weekend, "Secretariat" and "You Again." Both were good. We are on long weekend too and don't return until Tuesday...yay!!! However, I see homework in my near future, but then a one week break...wheww!!! Have a great week!