Friday, February 25, 2011

For the Record

Today was indeed a school day. As it should is very cold outside, but that's the extent of the "hazardous" conditions. No snow on the ground....this little storm system could aptly be titled, "Much Ado About Nothing". We did have some periods yesterday where we felt like we were in a snow globe with beautiful flakes blowing from every direction quickly turning the world white. But, all too suddenly, the sun would re-emerge and melt it all. Oh well.....

The kids are very bummed, but fortunately it is a Friday and they'll have the weekend very soon. I chose to cancel my assignment for today, last night. I suspected the kids' district might end up with a two hour delay, and if the district where I was set to work did not, it could get very complicated. While I ought to be out there making money, this morning I'm VERY THANKFUL I have the day off.

Now that we've danced around with some snow and have been enticed by the no school day hopefulness, I think it's time for spring to arrive. Oregon, you have my blessing now....bring on the sunshine!


Evi said...

In case you're wondering I just happened upon your blog glad I did.
To encourage you...I live in Alberta and this morning our thermostat hit -35C...which is about -31F. So, if it helps, feel oddly warmer by thinking of a fellow blogger who is shivering a little bit bigger goosebumps up north.

StephieAnne said...

Oh, Evi - that is VERY COLD!!!! You certainly deserve the sunshine and spring to come early before we do.

Next week looks like it will be returning to typical Oregon winter/spring weather where we'll be in the high 40's during the day and high 30's at night - with plenty of rain. Downright balmy compared to you!

We have the mountains and their snow within 2 hours distance (or eve closer when the snow levels come down) so I certainly can't pout about never seeing the white stuff. But, certainly, it gets us all giddy when it hits the valley floor.

Thanks for "stopping by" - I visited your blog, and wow, what a depth of insight you presented with your last post in regards to expectations vs. hopes in relationships. I've been on both sides as well, and I think you did an excellent job presenting the maturity it takes - and what God would want within deep relationships.