Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On the Horizon

According to the meteorologists, we are supposed to get more rain in this first week of June than the entire average for the month. Tomorrow comes a storm that merits a "Special Alert" on the weather.com site because of the "unusual amount of rain and wind". Lovely....

The weather was horrid here in May - one climatologist quoted in the newspaper said he doesn't remember ever hearing folks complain more about the weather here in Oregon than they have lately. We Oregonians are SICK OF IT - and we come from a hearty lineage of being used to putting up with a lot of gray skies and wet stuff.

However, I find myself a bit more upbeat now than I was a week ago. What's the difference? It's the long term forecast. There's sunshine on the horizon - beginning on Sunday and continuing out. Partly cloudy and low 70's? Oh yeah, we'll take it. FOR SURE!

I'm choosing to hope that based purely on odds, that this weather on the horizon will stick around for a while. It's only fair, right? We've already endured the mischievousness that Oregon likes to throw at us eager-beavers ready for summer to stay....so, now that it's finally coming, can it stay?

And, not a moment too soon......next week offers Gilham's Tri-athalon (they ride their bike to the Swim and Tennis Club - (about a mile away and where I work out), swim 4 lengths of the pool, return back to Gilham on their bike, and then run three laps around the track. It's a really neat event.

The week following is the last week of school - and for Brayden as a fifth grader, "school" is a very loosely used word. The Monday sports a fifth grade bike ride, the Tuesday is their all-day party at Camp Harlow which they've been working very hard to earn money for - so that they can have use of all that Camp Harlow has to offer (yes, that is the Camp Harlow owned by our church, also very close by - where our kids go to camp) - including swimming, go-carts, etc. Wednesday is "Field Day" at school - for the whole school - and Thursday is the last day - featuring the "promotion ceremony" (GULP....another post on how I'm not handling this very well later).

In the past, these events seem to have been sabotaged by Oregon's notorious bi-polar June weather, but I'm hoping that this year it will be different. I know I'm being purely selfish here, but if all this bad weather for so long means it will be nice for these kids (and also for the week after school as that is Mikayla's week of Elementary OVERNIGHT camp -another GULP!) - then all this suffering will have been worth it.


Anonymous said...

bipolar weather...what a perfect description....and oh, yes, I am one of those whiny Oregonians about now watching my little garden try its best to grow before it drowns.

Linda said...

I keep thinking of that saying "It's Friday but Sunday's a comin'"...so "it's raining but the SUN is a comin'". way to keep your chin up stephanie!