Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And They're Off!

Oh this little girl is just not looking so little anymore! And here she is, so grown up she's headed to overnight camp. Yikes!!!

The three cousins - no tears - so ready to go!!!!

I just love how many people we know at Harlow - the two main greeters were Jacob - one of our favorite dudes from college group - and of course, "Dave the Wave" Mertz - whom we adore (and is Director at Harlow).

And, then, there's "Phoenix" (aka Kimmie - just don't tell the other campers!) - the girls' counselor from last year who they absolutely adore!!!!! We've kept in touch with her through the year and while we were so hoping the girls would have her as their counselor, she's now on "Impact Team" and is one of the activity directors (rather than a counselor). She promises to spend a ton of her "down time" with the girls in their cabin, though.

Hopefully, Mikayla won't fall off of her top bunk-

Or Nati-

Or Ellie-

And, while this looks quite sentimental, I have to say, the good-byes were a lot easier than anticipated. My girl's growing up........

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sara said...

they are going to have a blast!!!