Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salon Noel

That's the name we came up with last night for Mikayla's Salon - it has a nice ring to it, don't you think? (Noel is her middle name, as her due date was Christmas Day).

This is the sign I noticed mid-afternoon yesterday - pointing into our living room.

As you can see, Mikayla accumulated quite a supply of hair styling products for her salon.

As many moms can attest to, sometimes there are times that you just really do not want to engage in the playful plans of your children. Due to fatigue, or busy-ness, or lack of imagination, sometimes it's just a lot of work to participate. However, this situation was NOT one of those times. In fact, I was so ready for a little TLC that I "suffered" through her playtime for over an hour. She even had a television in her salon, so we bonded over a recent Disney Channel movie. Unfortunately, my desire to give her attention meant that John's dinner wasn't prepared when he walked in - and he had to put it together himself (from the fridge) - but, that's the sacrifice I was willing to make. =)

I was looking mighty glamorous, huh? The only thing I'd change if she offered her services again is pre-washing and CONDITIONING my hair before she begins. My hair was on "day 3" of styles since washing (I have VERY dry hair, so I can get away with a week if I wanted to before I'd see any trace of oil.....not that I do). So, I had originally left it naturally curly - with product - then curling ironed it - with lots of product - then woke up, and added a few extra curls - with more product. So, as she used her brush to tear through my "mane" it was not comfy at all. Instead, she did a lot of thinning (which is also okay because I do have a lot of hair, but I certainly couldn't afford that "treatment" too often). Next time, I'll prepare better......and yes, I do hope there's a next time. =)

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Anonymous said...

love those braids!! She did an awesome job.