Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camping Out

So, after the swimming pool adventures, we asked if we could keep Andrew overnight. Given the special circumstances of just having the three boys, we asked John if he'd be willing to pull out the brand new tent we got (last year's ended up in the dumpster at the campground as it was literally falling apart) - and set it up in the back yard.

As a side note to explain this picture, I have to point out that our son has been over the top happy in these days (actually weeks) of late... Unless it's an issue with Mikayla, he's quite the puppy-playful kid these days. However, this, mixed with a bit of an inattentive ADHD issue makes him a little hard to control. So, by the time the Concerta had worn off, he's got his two best buddies with him, and he's giddy about an overnight camp-out - yeah, just not an especially focused helper for Dad....hence the "use your heads, boys" expression from John. =)

This little gadget is a projector I got for nearly 90% off at Kohls. Maybe not a "necessity item" for the Rileys, but for the price, it was worth it. John set it up with a sheet to give the kids a movie theater experience within the tent. Are those boys spoiled, or what?

The verdict this morning (when they woke up much earlier than we'd hoped) that it was a lot of fun and very cozy. Thankfully, I remembered to have John turn off the sprinklers at about midnight last night - that would have made it slightly less cozy around 5am..... ha ha!


j.nelson said...

ummm that is not a tent that is a mansion!

StephieAnne said...

Only the best for the Rileys..... =)