Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fifth Grade Takes Over Harlow

Welcome to Camp Harlow.....home for the day of Brayden's fifth grade class.

While I could have hoped for better weather, at least it wasn't pouring on us, and nobody seemed to be complaining too much about the low 60's and partially sunny skies. (Especially since, as I'm told, the pool was heated nice and warm).

The fifth graders worked hard throughout the year to pay for this day - selling items at a school store, a cookie dough fundraiser, and Friday popcorn days. Apparently, they made over the amount needed - so way to go guys!

Here's a picture of Brayden with Mrs. Jakious.....glad I finally got one of the two of them together as she is incredibly special to Brayden.

Along with a continental breakfast of muffins, bagels, and fruit - pizza and hot dogs were served for lunch. And, really good pizza, I might add....

The main attraction for a lot of the kids was the Zipline. It was slow going as it involved getting kids in harnesses, so I spent a good chunk of my morning there, waiting with the kids in line and snapping shots of each of them flying by above me. Eventually, with a little coaxing by Mrs. Jakious, I agreed to do a run myself. While it was exhilerating, let me just say that that harness was not exactly comfortable in my "nethers" region....if you catch my drift. OUCH!

While some folks waited for the Zipline, others took advantage of the many other activities offered. There was a game room and miniature golf as well as a whip cream eating contest (you had to get to the piece of gum at the bottom and then blow a bubble to win), Red Rover, tree swing, playground, three-legged race, and tug-of-war.

Finally, the pool was a main attraction for many, and a fun place to use the camera.....

To the left and right in this picture are the other two fifth grade teachers - Mr. Gulka, and Ms. Bayes. No matter who you got this year, you couldn't go wrong, (though I have to believe we did get the best!)

I can't imagine there were any complaints from the day- all the kids seemed to be in such happy spirits - and the teachers as well. I feel like I got the easy road out by opting to volunteer in taking pictures as I know a lot of work went into pulling this event off! Thank you all for an incredible day!

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cjoy said...

What an awesome place to celebrate the end of the school year - and the end of elementary school!!