Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Little Baseball, a Little Football, a LOT of Weeding, and Another Grad Party

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, but really? Are we supposed to be content with just the ONE day of sunshine we got yesterday (that didn't even last all the way through as we were feeling raindrops last night)? The forecast had originally revealed sunshine today - so John spent yesterday making sure the boat was ready to go for us to take some college students out on the lake. However, as of 7:22 this morning (Sunday), it's gray skies with a calling of rain all day..... which isn't exactly conducive to a great boating experience. (Especially our first one of the year).

So, as for the recap of what we have done so far this weekend, here goes:

On Friday afternoon we had Jack and Kenady over. When Jack departed for his baseball game, Kenady and Mikayla took off for her house and had a sleepover. The plan was to hit the last of Jack's game and then take him and Brayden to the movies. At a 9:15 start time, that's one of the latest movies I've ever hit (I'm such an old folkie) - but Jack and Bradyen together are certain entertainment in and of themselves that it was totally worth it.

On Saturday morning, after getting rid of and retrieving all of the designated kiddos, the Rileys went to work. John and Brayden tackled the garage and the boat (and yes, we got it started for the year - yippee....always a "hold your breath" event). While Mikayla and I took care of the weeding, pulling up the "edgings" and Round-uping the back yard perimeter....(it's a jungle back there). I'm super thankful for what we all got accomplished, but it's kind of a bummer to have wasted that sun day on work and not get a play day in it. Oh well, we have a whole summer to go, right?

Finally, last night, we headed over to Corey's (college pastor) house to celebrate his daughters' graduations. His oldest daughter, Jeneane, just graduated from Boise State (full ride volleyball scholarship), while his younger daughter, Casey, just graduated from Sheldon High School and is headed to Boise State (also with a full ride scholarship....and boy, did those girls earn them - they've been busting their rear ends playing volleyball for a long time.....). Yes, Corey and Jeanne (mom), have a lot to be proud of! It was fun catching up with the folks that were there, especially the Erdmanns who will be adopting Brayden into the middle school group at church which they run. So much fun stuff with that group- you'll hear all about it this summer. That is the one aspect of Brayden moving on into middle school that I'm VERY excited about.

Brayden destroyed every article of clothing he was wearing (which was predominately white) from underarmor to tennies playing football:
- while Mikayla consumed about 11 pieces of watermelon and happily befriended a little girl named Ali. It was great to see them happy and preoccupied while we had our adult conversation times.

So, that's been our weekend so far, how about yours?

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