Monday, June 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jakious!

Today was Brayden's teacher's birthday, and, unbeknown to her, the class had a party planned. With the help of some parents, they got into the classroom early, put up signs, homemade streamers, and all sorts of other decor to honor her.

She was legitimately surprised when she walked in. And, then later, when Stacy Haugen (another mom) brought in a Costco cake for her (as planned by the kids), she was surprised again.

Talk about a teacher that deserves it all. She will be treasured as perhaps Brayden's favorite teacher ever, and the loss of her at Gilham will be huge (she's moving to Idaho with her hubby to be closer to family). Just seeing how the entire class interacts with her, wants to please her, and respects her - such a telling tale of just how special a teacher is. I tell you what, if I ever return to teaching, I can certainly say that I will use a whole lot of what I've learned from her this year to achieve success.

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