Saturday, June 19, 2010

Again, On the Lake......

On Saturday, we took the kiddos out -

Brayden was cracking us up, doing dance moves as he boarded. I wonder who he got that from (hmmm, Will)?

Don't you just wonder what is behind that smile.....?

Nati is a natural on the board - and loves it.....I see a college wakeboarding scholarship in her future!

Last year, when a local boating company went out of business, we purchased a ski for about 80% off. I'm not the skiier in the family - but Michele is. So, she was super excited to give it a try. Unfortunately, the boot didn't really fit right - and neither she, nor John were impressed with it. Just as we were talking E-Bay....Travis gave it a try and loved it. Guess we're keeping it afterall!

As for me, just the same ol', same ol'. I'm getting closer to getting the guts to try to actually get some lift while crossing the wake (no, not going to even use the word "jump"). I am having a lot of fun, though - this was one of my favorite runs.....

I gotta tell you that looking through all of the pictures that Travis took of these boys - wow, there were some serious G-Force distortions on Brayden's facial expressions. You know that dude that did that amusement park commercial with that old guy who danced? That's what his face looked like in a lot of them. Super funny. Despite his look of concern in this shot, though - the boys had a blast and did not ever want their ride to end.

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j.nelson said...

I'm glad B is taking notes from such a good dancer =)