Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Getting Outside, Despite the Weather

Today was supposed to be dry and warm. But, even as the morning started, the clouds were ominous and it didn't appear it would reach the 72 degrees that had been forecast.

However, that didn't stop Steph and I from following through with our hike at Shotgun Creek. This time I found the trail that I last took about 13 years ago while I worked for the city's rec dept. helping to lead kids' camps. It's a great loop trail with out a lot of change in elevation - perfect for a bit of exercise while still getting the chance to talk.

Parts of the trail are so "rain-foresty", it reminds me of Jurassic Park.

Of course, Syd was DELIGHTED to be brought along - and at the first opportunity, and every opportunity after that - she waded in the water. She's now found it to be a fun game to come back to me and shake nearby.....

So, even though it wasn't brilliant blue skies - I'm super glad Steph and I made the time to get outside and get caught up. She is such a genuine person, and we are never at a loss for words - I really treasure her company.

The other outside adventure occurred around 5:30, when we took off en route for the lake with Julie, Will, Travis - and our fam. About half way there, it started raining, but we didn't let a little water stop us. I mean, isn't that what boating is all about, being in the water? It ended up raining so much that it turned the experience into an even more memorable occasion. Brayden, Will, and Julie were all super brave souls getting out on the wakeboard - particularly Will and Julie without wetsuits. Brayden even got the opportunity to operate the boat - and successfully pulled Will out of the water. See, I'm trying to look at the bright side in that at least the lake wasn't crowded!!!
Within a week, Will and Julie will both be over 2 hours away (and double that from each other, ugh for them!) - so we didn't have time to take another literal "rain check". By the end of August, it's a good probability they could each be in different countries through the end of the year too. So, these sorts of bonding adventures will just keep them closer to our hearts despite the distance.

That being said, though, on Saturday - when we plan to go out again - if we hit rain en route, we'll be turning around!

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j.nelson said...

Thanks so much for taking us. Seriously! I wanna cry just thinking about leaving you guys. LOVE YOU!