Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wah Wah

That's the sound effects made by "Debbie Downer" on Saturday Night Live. While I rarely watch that show, that skit is a particular favorite of mine - and gets referred to often in our family and among our buddies.

That pretty much sums up the mood right now. Boise State 19, UofO 8. Final score. We didn't get a first down until halfway through the third quarter. Definitely not what I had in mind for a football season opener. We have the Whites over right now - and they are helping to keep John and I from totally snapping at each other - dinner was good, the first apple pie of the season was delicious - but the entertainment factor STUNK.

This entire crew is headed to the Schillings through the weekend - the "Schitelys" (Schillings + Whites + Rileys) living it up in Dallas over Labor Day weekend. It ought to be fun. For sure it will be more fun than I'm having right now. It has to. Wah wah.


Growin' with it! said...

well from the news this morning, it sounds like your "entertainment" factor was hyped a bit by mr. blount. turkey lurkey! hope your weekend is less hyped!☺ i'm already starting to miss oregon autumns by the thought of your apple pie!

StephieAnne said...

We turned the tv off as soon as the game was over, so we missed the pathetic post-game drama. Got to wake up and watch it posted on Facebook instead. Wow, way to make a bad situation way, way worse.

There's a cold front coming in, Linda - the temps over the weekend will be right around 70. Perfect apple pie weather.....=)

Anonymous said...

I feel ya - what a depressing way to start the season. but i hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend in dallas!