Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hardesty Trail

For years I have a noticed a trail marker on the side of the road about halfway between Pleasant Hill and Oakridge. I've never seen it mentioned in a book, so I've always been curious as there isn't a clear indication of what trailhead it is as you are driving by.

So, today was a perfect day to explore with Steph H. and Lisa in company. We discovered it was the Hardesty Mountain trail and although there was no "spectacular ending" or any glorious waterfalls, I think we would all say that the combination of beautiful scenery and outstanding company was a balm to our souls. For sure, Syd loved it!


j.nelson said...

i was just thinking to myself.. i wonder how steph's hike went... then i thought duh she would post about it. and here it is! looks great, and sound like there were not major injuries :) love ya!

sara said...

wow, so beautiful!