Friday, September 25, 2009

School Daze

Not a bad shot with the cell phone to capture the gorgeous trees at Brayden and Mikayla's school.....

Well, my fingertips are still green - the telltale sign of someone working with an overhead projector and green marker pen. Which means... it was my first day back subbing! On Wednesday, I got called to take a morning assignment today - for second grade.

In the world of subbing, at least for me, there are two main concerns. There's the fear of a class full of dis-respect and bad attitudes that is largely found in the upper grades (middle school). And, then, there is the fear of a high-maintenance lesson plan. Largely found in the primary grades. Today was no exception. (Honestly, Mary, I don't know how you do it.) As wonderful as those sweet little second graders were, the constant need to be "on" with them, repeating instructions over and over, solving the tattling dramas......Wow. It was a packed-in morning of lots of direct-instruction (i.e. - me standing at the overhead talking and requiring their attention). I feel like I earned my money this time around.

On the other hand, though- there's nothing like a class full of eager seven year olds to boost your self confidence and make you feel like you did something of significance with your day. They were very welcoming to me, which made me try to step up my game that much more in response. But, I'll tell you, when their regular teacher walked in at noon, I was ready for relief.

I then headed on over to Brayden's class to spend 90 minutes correcting papers, and again, bask in the warmth of the atmosphere his teacher has fostered. I'm feeling so encouraged by Brayden's progress this year. Gotta tell you how nice it was to just sit there as "background" without any responsibility except for adding up how many correct answers were on each paper.


Currently, Travis and Steph are over with Stephie's little 7 month old niece. Mikayla's already asleep after having run a Jog-a-thon today and being fixated on babysitting little "Hannah". She will be a very good babysitter all too soon. There were comments about wanting a baby sister/brother, but she'll have to be content with the babysitting gigs. Because, just like those second graders - as adorable as they are and as Hannah is - I'm all too willing to "pass them back". Brayden and Mikayla are just enough for me.......

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