Monday, September 28, 2009

Return to CCF and Monday Morning

Last night, CCF began again (Collegiate Christian Fellowship - the college ministry from our church reaching out to UO). We are in a new location now, affectionately referred to as "The Box" - that can accommodate a ton more people and has better acoustics. I miss the "cozy factor" (of course) of the the Trinity House, but it is nice to be able to sit in a chair with a back on it, much less hold that many people. It was great. Notice in the picture our kids are standing behind us - Mikayla had been playing with my hair - she nearly put me to sleep. (Thanks Kaela for the image!)

And, yes - a return to Monday Morning. I'm not feeling it today. I wish I could go back to bed instead of head to the gym, but alas - the pre-game tailgater at the Johnsons featuring every delicious brunch food known to man still haunts me from the damage done. I snapped this picture just now - how thoughtful of Sydney to serve as a backrest for Brayden while he ate his breakfast and watched "Phineas and Furb" (one of the best "modern" cartoons I know of.....).
Happy Monday to y'all - hope it's a great week!

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