Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrating "Lisa Style"

Well, I'd be posting a couple cute pictures of our adventures on Lisa's behalf, but my camera is currently sunbathing as it took a little dip in Sydney's water bowl yesterday! AHHHHHH! So, we'll see if I ever retrieve those images.*

As far as description goes, yesterday was a wonderful morning. Sydney, Lisa Q., Lisa S., Christy and myself all did the walk around the river that has become a bit of a tradition this time of year for just Lisa and I. We then followed up with coffee at Starbucks where Steph H. joined us. Beautiful weather, great company - it really was delightful, I hope it brought as much pleasure to Lisa as it did to me.

* Well, wonders never cease! Obviously, I was able to get them. It only took rice, sunlight, and a blow dryer - and I'm still not sure if the camera will get to the point of taking reliable pics again, but now I have hope. Yeah!

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