Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bowling and Ben and Jerry's

Tonight I got the opportunity to go bowling with Mikayla, Mary Anne, Kelli, and Kaela (a little alliteration there......). We had to go to "Plan B" when the local bowling alley was chock-full of League bowlers (even though the gentleman answering the phone last week assured me otherwise). Instead we headed to Southtowne and bowled there.

Something magical happened - the first ball I saw and tested fit my thumb (with its overgrown callous that makes finding the right ball so annoying), and was the right weight - and the first ball I threw was a strike. But, as fun as that was - it was even more enjoyable getting to hang out with these fine women. Mary Anne got married about a month ago - and Kelli and Kaela are both out of college and into the work force these days - it was a more mature, mellow gathering. But, then again, Mikayla never got the memo, so she kept it pretty silly.

I ended with one of the higher bowling scores I've seen in a while - 129.....I think I like Southtowne. We all ended up finding our way to Ben and Jerry's for some delicious ice cream and more story-telling.

A great evening - thanks ladies!

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