Tuesday, September 29, 2009

That's MY Boy!

Sunday was another Pop Warner football game for Brayden. He had a game last weekend that I never really commented on as it was a close game and therefore Brayden didn't have a ton of playing time. It kind of felt a bit "deja-vu-ish" which had me just a bit bummed.

However, this weekend, he had a regular fan club in the stands and for whatever reason, he ended up playing in about 85% of the game. What a day. In his position as [defensive] corner, he's really gaining more skills - and we were able to actually watch the team start to take new routes as Brayden was keeping "his avenue" blocked quite well.

However, by far and away, the star of the game was this guy. Number 5, Tanner Zenke. Note the ref looking around as if to say, "Isn't anybody going to stop him?" I've already lost track of how many touchdowns he's ran for this year, not to mention quarterback sacks. We got to teasing Nancy about her son getting all the glory, and how I was just proud that my son is friends with her son! =) (Just so you know, Tanner is quite humble and WAY talented - he deserves the positives, he's a huge asset to our team)

But, then, just as the ref declared "four more minutes" Brayden decided to steal a little glory. These next two pics show him making an interception. While the ball looks quite precarious (and it was!) - Brayden found a way to get a handle on it and keep it from hitting the ground. The whistle was blown before he was actually tackled as a whole pile of players had surrounded him.

This is one of those moments Brayden will hold on to when he reflects on those feelings in life he treasures. For sure, as a mom, I couldn't hold in my enthusiasm and thrill for him.

And, here's a shot of his "fan club". Dennis, the Whites, Aaron, Scott - and not pictured are Julie and I. Nancy is below Dennis, giving us the appropriate teasing in return for Brayden's glory-stealing moment.

Have I mentioned yet how pleased I am with this coach and the way he encourages these kids?

A final "thumbs up" shot of Brayden with the college students who couldn't have picked a better game to come see him in action!


j.nelson said...

ha.. thanks john.. cutting me and steph out of the pic.. puhh! ha jk. i LOVED watching his game! thanks for letting us crash it.. :)

StephieAnne said...

I cut us out of the pic, Julie. It wasn't you that was the problem.....You got your thumbs up pic at the end to prove you were there. =)

j.nelson said...

my bad