Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ducks 31 Utah 24

A win, and we'll take it. Parts of the game were very ugly, and I didn't think Utah played like a top 20 team, but it was an exciting game.
It was also wet. But, it was a warm wet - which we Oregonians aren't all that used to. If it rains here, it's usually cold, so it was kind of odd/kind of refreshing to have it be a drizzle/rain and still have the temps be in the high 60's. I think I actually prefer the wetness compared to other September games where we've suffered in the direct heat of 90 plus temps.

We also took the kids to this game - and this was definitely the best game so far as far them demonstrating an appreciation of the game and a gratitude for being able to go. Uh oh, it might mean we have to start working at getting season tickets for four again come spring.

Mikayla and I sat together, while John and Brayden's seat were across the aisle and about 43 rows up. Fortunately, after halftime, seats opened up enough in our section for them to join us.
It was also fun running into some of our college students - Kara, Sarah, John, and Julie - very cool. All in all - a great way to start our Autzen Stadium season!


j.nelson said...

like i admitted at the game.. i actually enjoyed it :) might be a new thing for me to attend... p.s. i like the new background. idk when you changed it but i just noticed it :) ha.

StephieAnne said...

Just changed it last night.....