Monday, September 03, 2007


A - Apples - Apple pie, apple crisp, Farmhouse Apple Yankee Candle

U - University of Oregon football - GO DUCKS

T - Trees of copper, crimson, orange, and gold

U - Umbrellas, beginning to find their way from their summer closet homes

M - Mornings, crisp, bright, so clear and full of promise

N - New backpacks, school supplies, sweaters and sneakers

I know it is just the beginning of September - but to me, that marks Autumns start....... And, Jodi - I know you are smiling at that!


HollieHobbie said...

Because of you I have a new, special fondness of Autumn. You make it seem so peaceful and cozy.

LiteraryGirl said...

More like giddy...I was like a little girl yesterday skipping around saying "Happy September First!" I almost texted you with that statement but wasn't sure if you were having any goodbye summer mourning...none here, thanks. FALL HERE WE COME!!! :)

I can almost taste the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins...

StephieAnne said...

We already made an apple pie - it was the best one ever. I went ahead and purchases a combo apple peeler, corer, and slicer from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The peeling part works only so-so, but it still DEFINITELY saves a huge chunk of time and was well worth its $15.

Colie said...

Oh my favorite time of year:-). We are heading to Sunriver to say good-bye to summer and then the fall decorations begin!