Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Couple of Questions 82

In light of my experience yesterday - here you go-

1. Have you ever had anything stolen from you.......

2. Who was your favorite elementary teacher and why.......

Enjoy the beautiful days of September-


StephieAnne said...

1. Yes, and all from vehicles. Youd think Id be obnoxiously consistent about locking my car, but I am not, and have learned the hard way - 2 purses and an ipod to prove it.

2. Miss Denning - 2nd grade. She was so sweet and loved Michele and I enough to have us decorate her new classroom when she moved to another school. Cant remember why I loved her so much, I just did.

By the way, Brayden said yesterday was his best first day of school ever. Oh, happy heart - that is what I love to hear!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so lousy at responding to comments lately - but while I am waiting and watching from the window for the kids to get on the bus, I thought I could throw out a few comments.

From the last set of questions, I had camp names of Saturday (it's a GREAT day) and Skittles (need I say more...)

1. Yes - I actually had my car completely stollen from our front driveway at our old house. It took me half the day to realize it was gone but once I did, I was SHOCKED to think that someone just drove away with our car in the middle of the night. It was found a few months later but by then it was considered a loss and from that point on, we progressed into the world of minivans. I have also had my purse stollen from a vehicle in the middle of the day at Steph's old house. Situations like this just scream a horrible society, and yet I can't tell you how many times I have left a purse in a shopping cart or restraunt booth only to find it or have it returned later with nothing missing. I think it just goes to show that while theives have no moral compass, it seems that the majority of our population does a good job of taking care of one another...

2. Of course I loved Miss Denning too - perhaps because we knew that she loved us. All of our elementary teachers were outstanding though - looking back I realize how blessed we were.

My kids seem to have great teachers this year as well - Traig's 4th grade teacher is the only male classroom teacher of the school - I think it's a good fit!

The bus just arrived - good timing. I hope everyone else can report positive school experiences this year as well! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

This is Stephietoo; for some reason Blogger isn't letting me log on to the system.

1. Yes. We had our Honda broken into and the whole stereo system (deck, amps, speakers, etc.) were taken. Very expensive stereo and a whole lot of hours put in by John and Travis to get it installed. We ended up selling the Honda because I just couldn't bear to ride in it. I just felt so violated.

2. Mrs. Herman. (Now known as Mrs. Irwin). She was my first grade teacher, and I absolutely loved her. I still do love her. She became my mom's best friend and our family babysat her two girls from the time they were born until the time we moved to Eugene in 1991. We actually just attended her oldest daughter's wedding (Kathryn)over the Memorial Day Weekend. She married Josh Linehan (played football for Oregon State and graduated last year.)

LiteraryGirl said...

1. Hmmm, I had a strange experience where a lady stole a bunch of stuff out of our garage the day after we moved out of our house. (We hadn't quite finished the complete move, obviously.) But she stole some MAJOR big stuff, like a chainsaw and a drill and carpet cleaner...and on and on. She returned most of it, but I think she took my digital camera. Aarons daytime was stolen out of his car (smashed window) right after we were married. They were probably disappointed when they found absolutely nothing in it. I can't think of anything else right now.
2. No clue. I remember my 2nd grade teacher was named Ms. Skudstad and we all had a slumber party at her house and I liked her a lot. Looking back she was probably only 24 or so. Crazy.

Everyday after picking up Ash I've gotten a thumbs up and an "AWESOME!" when I ask how his day want. Yippee!

HollieHobbie said...

1. Crazy but I have had nothing stolen. Maybe I don't have anything of real value around.

2. I loved all of my teachers and being from a small town some were friends of my parents. Like we are finding with my girls now, I would see my teachers outside of the classroom from time to time. But one in particular, Mrs. Nichols, my 4th grade teacher, we'd trick or treat at her house, she was a friend of my Mom's. But that wasn't the end of my Senior year of High School I received a graduation card and my picture from the 4th grade. That just made a real impression on me.

JustMe said...

1. My bicycle, from the front yard when I was a little kid. Very traumatic.

2. My first grade teacher, Ms. Fullerton was not my favorite but she made a big impression because I was deathly scared of her...there was one little boy in particular she would drag around by the ear. Then, years later when there was something about me in a newspaper I received a letter from her saying she still remembered that "quiet, freckle-faced" girl and saying many nice things about me. My favorite, though, was Ms. Cary because she took a real interest in me and seemed to go out of her way to encourage me - I became much more confident about myself my 3rd grade year thanks to her.