Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today Was....

---a perfect example of what I love about fall---

~the temperature was a cool 66 degrees - a temperature, I decided today, that is a favorite temperature of mine, particularly at this time of year. Cool enough to sport that new jacket or light sweater, to cover up the fading color of the legs with capris or jeans, and still be very, very comfortable. Wonderful!

~the day after a big win day at Autzen. I just love pulling the newspaper off the front porch and cuddling up with it with Russian Tea and hot cereal - and reading positive things about our football team.

~waking up to 5 children ready to give me hugs. Because Michael left to go hunting with Travis this morning, Michele and the kids came down here last night. So cozy....

~11 o clock church service. It allowed for a lazy start to the day, but forced us to make ourselves do something with our day that was productive. Our new interim pastor spoke and it was a great message, the kids all enjoyed Sunday school too.

~finishing a 500 plus page book I just began a couple of days ago. THE LAST GUARDIAN by Shane Johnson. I will reference it in a future post, but it was the kind of book that beckoned to me like a friend to spend time with it, to devour it, and dwell on its message and creativity.

~making another apple pie and smelling it within the house - and replacing a conventional dinner for its delicious goodness.

~the entire family having grilled cheese sandwhiches after church with buttermilk bread, real butter, and Kraft American cheese slices - and the whole family loving them

~the Harvest Yankee candle that makes me so happy to feel like I am entitled to bring out and burn

How did you spend your weekend...................

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HollieHobbie said...

In this 84 degree weather it is hard for me to accept it is Fall. We still wear shorts/skirts and t-shirts. BUT I did turn off the air conditioning; it just seemed like too much of a waste. We did a little of this a little of that, revolving around soccer (I have two in it now!) poker (I stayed upstairs and hung with the girls) church (three hours since we teach Sunday School too) then a kick-off leadership meeting at the church (they think we are leaders....don't tell them otherwise....haha)
I got really cozy and smiled when I read your post, Steph. Hopefully, before we head to yet even more Sun, I'll have a chance to have that kind of day. Glad you had a good one!