Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Days, Break-Ins, and Updates

There we go - back in the saddle again. Can I just say I am downright giddy about Braydens teacher! I have this amazing peace about him after Open House yesterday, and after talking today, determined we know some of the same people and he considers Corey Rose, our collegiate pastor (- a huge person in John and Is life) a hero in his life. Yup, I think this arrangement is going to work our just fine...... Brayden felt like he scored yesterday when Mr. Gulka passed out UO plastic tumblers to each of the kids, just because. Brayden was very enthusiastic this morning which is such a great thing.

On a less positive note, John informed me that when he woke up, my van doors were wide open and glove compartment open. Oh joy, someone tried to break in. It happens occassionally where we live, not often, which is probably why I let my guard down. The good news - they got NOTHING. No purse, i-pod, cash - NADA! I figure they could have at least taken the McDonalds Happy Meal Toys - but no doing, apparently they didnt see the value. Those little thieves must have been so disappointed sneaking away from my car.......

Finally, an update on Leonas John. I think the biggest concern right now is still the massive water retention. Leona is very frustrated that the doctors arent being more aggressive in alleviating that and treating him proactively. Please pray that they would find just the right doctor who would take the time and effort to get to the bottom of the issue and help him get healthy again.

I hope, for those of you with school-going kiddos, its been a great return to school and a positive experience for everyone.

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HollieHobbie said...

I am so sorry that your van was broken into. I have never had that happen but can only imagine how violated I'd feel.
So glad Brayden will have a great year in school. I love his picture! Emma and I miss that guy and Molly and I miss Mikayla. They really had fun with your kids when we were together this Summer.