Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happenings This Weekend~

I feel a little out of it as it feels like its been a while since I have posted. Maybe it is because, outside of using the computer as an escape during the depressing half-time of yesterdays game, my computer and I have not spent a lot of time together this weekend - which usually means I have been very busy. That is the case for this weekend, - here is what it included-

- three soccer games for Brayden (and two goals scored by my boy - I am so proud!)
- watching police and Childrens Services, as well as one of my best friends, get involved with a ballistic mom (stranger) at the park next to the soccer game today, a mom that was watched grabbing and chasing and kicking her child, and whose child, after being watched by Amy for a time while Mom was being interviewed by Childrens Services, grabbed Amys shirt upon having to leave and said - `please dont leave me` - now, if that wont haunt Amy for the next month or so, I dont know what will........
- an impromptu bar-b-q with pumpkin pies, twice baked potato casserole and other yummies at our house for the game Saturday night
- Brayden initiating a 2 on 2 football game in the road in front of our house with Daddy, Travis, and Dennis - and Erica, Mikayla, and Adam all acting as cheerleaders

- the excitement of listening to the Ducks pull through with a victory, despite a terrible second quarter
- feeling the buzz in the air of Eugene at the prospect of ESPNs GameDay possibly coming to Autzen this next Saturday for our showdown with #6 California
- a very rare, and unexpectedly successful, family nap time for exactly the one hour we had between running errands and having to leave for the soccer game this afternoon
- the fun embarassment of missing a step at the house where we were invited over for dinner with a mix of old and new friends and thus dumping my meal all over the floor and chipping the plate (good news - plate was plastic and not worth much and it was outside)
- haning out with Leona much of the weekend, and enjoying her company
- the kids beginning Childrens Choir tonite that will conclude December 2nd in a Christmas performance. Mikayla enjoyed it, Brayden gave it a big thumbs down - bummer for him, he WILL be participating (fortunately, all of his buddies` moms are taking the same stance)
- John enjoying three breakfasts on Saturday - the first at Starbucks while the family slept in, the second when his wife made him try her new recipe (a coconut coated-raspberry topped french toast - I will have a recipe post on that one) and the third, an impromptu date with his buddy, Steve Smith at the Glenwood.

All a bunch of stuff that is in no way, life-altering or all that exciting, but it all seems like a lot when I list it out. I think I have about two hours blocked off in the morning where it will be just me and the laundry. I gotta say, right now, that sounds kind of fun.............

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HollieHobbie said...

glad you had a good weekend, Steph! That all sounded like fun.