Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Observations of My Kiddos

So, Im sitting here with Brayden, having woken him up early, doing exactly what his teacher told us NOT to do with him last night. Making him do his homework amidst tears. Now, before you think Im some nasty mommy, let me point out that he is re-doing a sheet in which he simply copies a poem in his best handwriting. What he did before was NOT his best handwriting and that is a huge weakness for Brayden. Also, he forgot to bring home his notebook on Wednesday, and because of that, he had to do it all last night (and again, this morning, because we forgot about this sheet last night). Hes done crying now, has admitted defeat and we are laughing - so, it is all good. But, this is life with Brayden. Constant repeating of directions, forgetfullness, and fun silliness, too.

Yesterday, I was cracking up as I went to pick up Brayden and his buddy, Tanner (Nancys son), from school for a playdate. I see Tanner walk out of the building and then immediately turn around to go back in. Okay, Ill catch him when he comes back out. I finally find Brayden, then see Tanner again and explain hes coming home with me. He admits hes lost his coat, and knowing just how infuriating this sort of thing can be with a kid, tell him to go look for it again - we have time. Tanner then comes back again, unsuccessful. This time, Brayden decides to help him look. Then, I lose both boys, somewhere in their school for a good ten minutes. Mikayla and I went looking for them, only to eventually find them back at the front, this time, with Tanners coat in hand. Yeah! Then, I ask the obvious, Brayden, did you bring home your notebook....... OOPS, Ill be right back, Mom! (This would have been the second night he would have forgotten, after having to go get it after hours at the school twice already since school started). As it turned out, he still left his spelling homework at his desk, which I was able to bring home after Curriculum Night. Needless to say, Nancy and I got quite a kick out of the story, as Brayden and Tanner are two peas in a pod when it comes to forgetfulness.

There is the other side to Brayden, though - and that focus and determination comes when he is passionate about something. Quite honestly, there hasnt been a lot of activities where that passion has surfaced (at least to an extent that it surpasses the fun and distraction of just being goofy with the people around him). So far, I think PS2, snow\wakeboarding, on occassion, a few sports games, and now football have made the list. Last night, we were able to watch him play his first flag football game along with Leona, and Mom and Dad - and Brayden rocked! He ran the ball down the field a considerable distance on one play and the pride and giddiness in his face - it was priceless! (Apparently, there is an advantage to being short in this game because it makes it harder for the defense to pull your flags). I was so pleased that he ran hard, didnt stop to worry if his flags had been pulled (a common mistake), and obviously had paid attention to the play call to know just what to do. I wish I could have had a video recorder so I could play it all for you. A way proud Mommy-Daddy-Grandparent moment.

Alright - on to Mikayla. As oblivious as Brayden can be, last night I came to the startling (but it shouldnt have been surprising) conclusion that my daughter appears to be a worrier. OH NO! It especially seems to come up at night time when she is super tired (go-figure), but what caught me on to the whole thing was that she had a mysterious pain in her armpit. She kept asking me questions about it, if Ive ever had a pain like that, if it would go away, etc. Then, as she got more tired, more things hurt and she was determined she would never get better which led to tears. Oh goodness. I think I am sometimes just shocked at how much Brayden is just like his daddy, and Mikayla, just like her mommy. It is such a hoot, but nights like last night - where I know just who to point the same behavior to - and that is sad. But, will she have the same problems forgetting her homework.......unlikely. Will Brayden spend nights worrying over a health condition.........doubtful. Such special gifts in each kid - isnt it amazing how unique and extraorinary they all are..........

On a funny Mikayla moment (Ill save her awesome soccer exploits for another post). We were listening to HSM2 (AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN - good thing I like it so much). She said, Mommy, tell me again why they say `Awful one`, I laughed and said, Remember, I told you before - the song is `All for One` Funny, huh!

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HollieHobbie said...

haha! Awful One vs. All For One....cute!
Cute post about your kiddos too, Steph! Thanks for sharing.