Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Compliments of Stephietoo.......

Directly from an email she sent me- (Oh, how I relate!!!!)

The following song, Broken Yoke’s “Steal From You” really touched me in a way that no song has ever touched me before. Sure, songs may make me cry, laugh, rock out in my car; but this song made me sob all the way home from work. The lyrics tell it all; how we push God away when things are good in our lives. We cry out to him when we are hurting and beg him to help take the pain away and to guide us. Then, when things are looking up again, we push Him off to the side, only to be used for another “low” day. We basically ‘steal’ from God. I have pasted the lyrics below for you.

Steal From You

I didn’t want to

But I chose to be this way

But things are better now

And so I’m pushing you away

Cause everything is copasetic

In this state I found

The bills are paid, my life is great

I’ll see you when I’m down


I know I’m hanging by a thread

I grow closer to the edge

I need you to fill this space

I keep pushing you aside

Till I need you to save my life

I steal from you

Elevate me

Cause I think I’m coming down

Consecrate me

Cause I’m spinning round and round

Once again I play the victim

As I hit my knees

So desperately I call on you

In this game of hide and seek


Can you help me

Make me real

(I steal from you)

Can you help me

Make me real

(I steal from you)

Take away this guilt I feel

(I steal from you)

Can you help me

Make me real

Chorus x2

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