Saturday, June 30, 2007

Water Works Park

Thanks everyone for indulging me in my online scrapbook of the longest vacation our family has taken. It's felt kind of selfish posting all of these fun things, but my mom said she was appreciative of keeping up with all of our activities which is part of the point of this whole thing. So, thanks guys, and I'll try to post some really creative "Couple of Questions" on Monday to take the focus off of our "spoiled" family (but very, very, very thankful........).

Today was the last full day of activities. We heard a waiter talk to a group seated near us yesterday that going through Weed, to Klamath Falls and then through Oakridge should shave us an hour off our time. Hard to imagine when Mapquest shows a 1 mile difference, but, for the sake of diversity we'll give it a shot bright and early tomorrow.

I have to say my best food recommendations from the whole trip are actually franchises - go figure (it shows my amazing fine dining expertise). You just can't go wrong (unless you are a vegetarian!) with In-N-Out Burger. Man, good stuff - and I love mixing the vanilla shake with root beer to make the best root beer float I've had in years..... Also, we tried Black Bear Diner (which I've never heard of before, but I now know is a franchise). Huge platters of yummy, homestyle food (with vegetarian options..... =) ) Had some tremendous corn flake coated french toast with fresh strawberries and whip cream this morning. Tood good for my own good - that's for sure. I have some serious work in store for me in the gym when I return!

OK, today was Water Works. Not a lot to expand on, other than it was a lot of fun and a perfect activity for a 90 degree day here in Redding. We rented double person rafts (a very good suggestion for anyone considering this as a future family activity). I tried to store the memory of laying on it with Mikayla pulling it along in the Lazy River for future daydreaming in the depths of winter, or anytime I'm depressed. The picture of Mikayla shows her in the kiddy area while Brayden was doing some slides that she was too short for. I think she did that slide at least 2 dozen times.

Thanks again for the sweet comments. John and I feel so incredibly blessed to have had such a fantastic family vacation-

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HollieHobbie said...

Your vacation looks wonderful. I am glad you had a great time!