Tuesday, June 26, 2007


sirens everywhere
dozens and dozens of emergency vehicles flying by
police blocking intersections
something else has happened
people pointing, staring at the sky
the cloud of smoke getting larger, darker, brighter
pulling into a parking lot of onlookers
strangers immediately friends
all seeking information
michele more informed than us thanks to the internet
the "latest updates" coming from someone 2 states away
the fire has jumped the highway
threatening a whole other community
the new friends we've met near tears
they know so many that live there
for once, our talents shopping at Ross
coming in useful
as kids pile the cart with blankets and pillows
it's the least we can do
folks at the evacuation center
red eyed as they greet us
tears of thankfulness and hugs as we leave
not what we planned for a vacation
but memories so much more meaningful
than waterparks and movie theaters
life lessons for the kids
life reminders for us
every action has significance, but-
we are not in control
so thankful we know the One who is

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to you and your family for being the hands and feet (and hugs) of Jesus. Maybe it's not bad timing for your to be in Tahoe during the fire, but the right timing.