Friday, June 15, 2007

Bittersweet Good-Byes

'Tis the season for ending all of those school year activities, big blank spots on the calendar, and the inevitable good-byes to the wonderful teachers and coaches that did an outstanding job influencing and encouraging my children.

First up is Mikayla's indoor soccer coach, Coach Ramey. Mikayla had her for the fall season and was in a class with just one other girl, who on a few occassions never showed up. So, she got a lot of one on one time with Ramey and loved every minute of it. When we signed up again in the spring, we were so delighted to see that she was Mikayla's coach again, and this time it was with a group of 4 - two cute girls (Erica being one of them), and two cutie boys (Christy's son, Taylor, one of them). Sadly, Ramey is moving to Portland to be with her family, so Mikayla gave her a present to show her how much she loved her. Since then, she has gotten misty-eyed on a few occassions wondering if she'll ever see Coach Ramey again.....

At the end of the class, the kiddos loved to "dog pile" Ramey-

This is a picture of Mikayla with her dance teacher, Miss Angie. We actually met her at Starbucks as she works there as well and she is the one that told us about the dance studio. It was a wonderful thing to sign up and actually find she was Mikayla's teacher as well. She'll be leaving for Iowa to return to her family too - another sad and permanent good-bye.

Finally, for Brayden, here is a picure of him with his teacher, Ms. Hynes. I adored this woman because she adored my son - she was perfect for him and I can only hope and pray he continues to find teachers that connect with him so well. Fortunately, she's not going anywhere, so we'll be able to say "Hello" to her whenever we want.....

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