Monday, June 25, 2007

Evan Almighty and Zephyr Cove Restaurant

Well, good news. The fire is 40% contained. However, many buildings have been destroyed, a 1000 evacuated and this area has been declared a state of emergency. I've got to admit, for those of us who have to endure field burning, the smoke where we're at is not that bad - and smells much better (like a campfire - go figure). So, we are not all that affected other than changing our plans a bit to get out of dodge.

Therefore, we headed first to the capital city of Nevada - the rip-roarin' metropolis of Carson City. Hey, it has an In-N-Out burger which is more than Eugene can boast about, so we were impressed.

Next, we were off to Summit Center to do a bit of shopping (another "go figure") and saw "Evan Almighty". I was expecting a funny and entertaining movie and not a whole lot more - got to say I underestimated. Yeah, love it when that happens! It was the perfect movie for our family, both kids very much into it and it inspired some good conversations afterward. I highly reccommend it.

Mikayla - posing at the mall-

On the way home we stopped at Zephyr Cove Restaurant - it's part of a whole resort which reminds me a bit of the place on "Dirty Dancing". Old fashioned, rustic - just adorable. I think we'll hit the beach there and rent a 4 person paddleboat on Wednesday. Too sweet to pass up.

the sun setting over the lake - you can tell how smoggy it is
While we were waiting for our food, we worked on the "kids menu" word searches, clearly, Mikayla and I took it a little more seriously

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