Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An Afternoon of Chaos

Just a few moments ago, chaos was reigning in our home -

1. Lisa stopped by to drop off Mikayla who had had a playdate with Erica. Just a few moments later, she returned again as her tire had blown just a block down the street. Oops - she was on the phone with Dennis to ask him to come on over and help. He wasn't a super happy camper over the whole situation.

2. Amy stopped by to pick up Andrew. Her kids quickly entered into the social scene, while Amy asked if she could cook up the hamburger meat I purchased earlier for her at Safeway. No problem.

3. Stephanie came by to pick up Bogey. He was an unhappy dog because he was kept outside. He was kept outside because he and Sydney crossed the "shock border" and re-dug (for seriously, I think, at LEAST, the 6th time) two holes in our recently re-done yard. Ask ME how HAPPY I was! Bogey then earned himself the honor of being the first to try the "Stubborn Dog Correction Collar", while I gave Sydney the runner-up collar (Bogey leads Syd over the border, but Syd does the digging). Let's just say he let me know it worked.

4. Meanwhile, Dennis arrived, not eager to try to change a flat by himself. Adam caught sight of the car with a flat tire and began crying, "It's broken, we can't go home, Tape it, tape it!". He was very upset.

5. "Ding Dong" - oh, ANOTHER person is coming over to visit - oh, hey, it's Dave the Schwan's Guy - who visited me for the first time 2 weeks ago. Ironically, Amy also happened to be there on that day too and while I gave him no business, she was thrilled with the prospect of meals delivered to her home. I quickly came to the door, confessed I wasn't interested in any more visits, but..... here's Amy - and she'll be happy to talk to you again.....

6. Now, I'm cooking the hamburger meat while Amy is writing Schwan's a check, Lisa's dealing with a frustrated husband and emotionally distraught children, Stephanie's laughing about the whole thing and John is calling to ask, "What's up?" "Hmmm, nothing sweetheart, nothing at all........."

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