Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sand Harbor, Spooner Lake, and Paddleboating

Busy day. We started out early to hit a very reccomended restauant on the East side of the lake for their "magnificent" breakfasts. Oops - not open on Wednesdays. Bummer.

Oh well, there was a Starbucks near by, so that satsified adequately. Next up, was Sand Harbor. Appropriately named. We all had a good time lounging in the sun there and thoroughly enjoyed the fine lunch they served on the deck of their lodge.

The beach at sand harbor
Testing just how cold Lake Tahoe really is
Next up - hiking around Spooner Lake. It very much reminded me of one of the high lakes up on the Cascade Lakes Highway. The kids did great hiking - a lot of fun.

It may look nice and innocent, but it is not a swimming lake - lots of leeches, ick!
Brayden got a little lesson in a water pump and water pressure.....
Finally, we returned to Zephyr Cove and rented a 4 person paddleboat. Let me just say that is a work-out. We thought we'd be out for just a half hour but ended up floating for an hour.

Prior to docking, when we didn't know how much energy moving this watercraft took!
The destination we were aiming for - I can't exagerate just how gorgeous (clear, aqua-green) the water is here
See you later Brayden - that's what you get for not pedalling!

Today was a lot of family bonding activities - a day that epitomized exactly what we had in mind when we first started anticipating this vacation.

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