Sunday, June 24, 2007

Forest Fire

At 1:30 today, a forest fire started up on the mountain ridge near to us. 500 acres have burned, 250 homes threatened - 52 already destroyed. When I first saw the plume of smoke earlier today I got to thinking, "UH OH!!!! - this could be a real problem, especially with the high winds, I wonder how they would evacuate this place?"

Apparently the fire is 20 miles away SW of us. However, it is moving NE. That's not good. It looks like the weather appears to be cooperating. That is good. I'll keep you posted if our accomodations change from the Ridge Resort to the South Lake Tahoe evacaution center........ (saying that with a smile, just so you know - I think we'll be ok).


StephieAnne said...

So, if you've been watching any sort of news program - this thing has hit the big time. Biggest fire here in a century- Nice timing with that vacation, Rileys.

It doesn't appear that it's headed our resort's direction - and because the smoke has settled into the lake basin, it's clear skies above us. But, please pray for all of the firefighters and families who've suddenly been left with nothing as their house has burned down........

StephieAnne said...

This is a good update on the fire situation now (Monday evening) - looking better - but everyone around is in such a state of shock - never seen anything like this.,0,7558576.story?coll=la-home-center