Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Final Day in Tahoe

Let me first of all say that the biggest problem that could be facing Tahoe is the detour of tourism from the declared "State of Emergency". To anyone out there considering a trip - the fire should not even be a considertation. It is well under containment and today we couldn't find a trace of smoke in the bright blue skies overhead. However, you will still see plenty of signs, literally, that remind you - everywhere you look, signs that declare: THANK YOU FIRE FIGHTERS. It is an amazing achievement that not one life has been lost. Praise the Lord. This is a pic of where we - and several of the local heroes - had dinner.

Today we indulged the kids by stopping by the Tahoe Amusement Park. It was built in 1954 - the slide we went down was the original. Most of the rides kind of showed their age - but we did have a blast on the Go-Carts. Despite the fact that John and Brayden nearly lapped us twice (a very small track), John was quite impressed with his wife's talents. I had the pedal to the metal the entire time, so he ought to be. It was such a kick, though, I think the whole family will have to make a field trip to Portland to ride at the Malibu track someday.....

Tomorrow morning we head off early. We're planning a more scenic route to Redding - where we'll settle in for 2 days before heading home. I hear the weather in Oregon was pretty dreary today - I hope tomorrow is bright and shiny - leading into a great weekend for everyone.

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Colie said...

it looks like you all had a wonderful time together! hopefully no major fights come out on the ride home:-). i remember drawing an imaginary line down the center of the car and my sister was not suppose to cross over it.

good luck and hopefully weather will be much better when you return!