Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Days

I just got done serenading Mikayla with "Summer Lovin'" (Grease) - God bless that child for believing that I can sing.....

Here's what summer is for us:

alarm clocks purposely left off
beach bags part of the furniture in the back of the living room
bath tubs coated in sand
every other washer load full of wet towels
the Tree Top apple juice jug waiting to be filled with water for the hanging baskets
melted Zone bars in the car
pink roses filling a vase from the bush I was ready to dig up when we moved
summer workbooks screaming ambition and optimism
ice packs and coolers waiting for an adventure
duffel bags barely unloaded before the next trip away
the Glo-Lamp blessedly stored away until fall
happy, happy days for me..........

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