Saturday, June 16, 2007

Daddy Daughter Dance

Mikayla made it! After last year's total "debaucle" with the curling iron - ok, total tragedy - those scars still cover her arm. (However, they did heal great, no raised skin, just a different coloring......) - there was a feel that we better make this year happen successfully or else....

Just in case, I did curl Mikayla's hair while she wore a long sleeve sweatshirt =) Everything turned out wonderful and John and Mikayla had a fantastic time. Tomorrow, John heads off with Brayden and my dad for a fishing trip - I think by Sunday John will be very pleased to do nothing to celebrate Fathers' Day except for simply relaxing (perhaps while watching the US Open). He sure has earned it.

This is a picture of Daddy putting a daisy corsage on Mikayla's wrist- after presenting her with a bouquet of flowers-

This is a pic of Mikayla with Amy's daughter, Christina, posing prior to their daddys' coming home-

And, a few pics from the dance- dancing and doing the "Limbo"-


HollieHobbie said...

How cute! I said to Pete last night "the daddy daughter dinner dance is going on right now in (our prior town)" Then we reminisced and planned for ours on Monday.
I was looking forward to these pictures. Was there a waiting list again? Did Dennis and Erica go?
We have about 36 people signed up and they are mostly our friends, but Pete said that the first one in......there was less than 30 and now look at how it has grown!
How fun and what a nice tradition for the little girls to look forward to.
Plus, you know my sentiment on these pics: Mikayla is just beautiful!

StephieAnne said...

Thanks Hollie - I'm sure your dance will go great too- Yes, Erica and Dennis went - I wish John had taken a picture of them at the dance - Mark and John met Dennis there so I didn't have any pre-dance pics of Erica, which was a bummer. Lisa, Amy, and I - and the "very exhausted boys (last week of school)" just hung out at the house and chatted, it was a nice evening for us too. Oh, and yes, there was a waiting list. Also, the polaroid pictures and popsickle frames that the kids got to assemble and decorate were a big hit at the party too.