Monday, March 19, 2007

A Couple of Questions LXI

I know I should post something new - I just don't have much motivation at the moment. I finally had my doctor's appt. this morning and was pleased that yesterday's fasting (after Saturday's feasting) helped - and was especially timely as I was due to have blood drawn (requiring fasting) anyway. Always glad when that annual chore is over with. But, I totally love my doc - so that does make a world of difference.

On to questions - I'll go with healthy choices as it seems timely today. Please be praying for John he begins "daily doubles" for the next 4 weeks in doing a "Biggest Loser" program at a small gym he's been going to since January - he's going to be whiped out by the time he gets home (nearing 8pm) each weeknight - can't wait until April!

1. When attempting to lose weight, which is the biggest obstacle for you, eating healthy and with restrictions, or getting up and exercising?

2. What would be your ideal way to exercise for 30 minutes every day?


StephieAnne said...

1. Since I've gotten myself into a pretty good exercise routine lately, I'd say the eating with restriction. Food equals celebration in way too many ways for me so abstaining from the fun foods just doesn't make me nearly as happy.

2. Anything that is so fun I'm not even aware of how out of breath I am. Trampolining with the kids, playing volleyball, even the Dance Dance Revolution with other people..... I think the other people having fun too is also a key.

HollieHobbie said...

1. All of the Above

2. Walking. I was in by best, best shape when I was walking four miles a day in an hour or less.

StephieAnne said...

Oh, Hollie - you reminded me - hiking would be a huge one for me - haven't done nearly enough of that in the last several years.....

Colie said...

1. Getting up early to exercise!
2. 1st: Swimming hands down - 2nd: Walking with a buddy.

stephietoo said...

1. All of the above. I cannot get up earlier than 'the last possible minute' for the life of me! It is also very tough for me to eat healthy. I love food way too much!

2. Walking Bogey. I have been trying to go out with Bogey at least three times a week, for 45 minutes. He really needs a walk, and to be hones, so do I!!