Monday, March 19, 2007

More St. Patrick's Pics

I just got an email from John's oldest brother, Tom (the one with the shortest hair in the pics!) - he had an amazing camera and was snapping shots right and left. Unfortunately, he said he accidentally dumped 100 of them - So sorry Tom - how frustrating! But, here are some shots that I did pull from his album that showed a little more of the fun we all had-

Here's the twins playing football (yes, they are twins)

Here's the other side of the football field - Brayden and Alex-

A great shot of the fun on the trampoline - and Jeff flying high-

The four cousins all together-

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Colie said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful day:-). I'm ready to jump into the boat picture. We can pretend I'm in the water with my wake board. Oh the site of it - 9 months prego and boarding:-).