Monday, March 05, 2007

Reclaiming Our Yard

God is so good! Out of all the weekends to have dry 60 degree weather, God would bless us with it the very weekend we needed it the most - really the only weekend in a span of many weeks that we'll have to get a hold of our "outdoor spaces". And, that's just what we did.

Cover trampoline area, underneath fir trees, and side patio bark area with river rock gravel - CHECK
Restore trampoline (new net and mat over springs) - CHECK
Weed front yards - CHECK
Remove all dog-chewed debris from back yard and rake around bark - CHECK
Apply insect killer*, grass seed, and mulch to back yard - CHECK
Construct and install cabana and new lawn furniture (special thanks to good-buddy, Travis) - CHECK
Bury wire, drill hole through house wall, and plug in In-Ground Dog Fence - CHECK
End the day with a filthy inside of the house, but with an immense feeling of accomplishment - CHECK

To say I am delighted is an understatement - I'm thrilled. To look out my kitchen window and see a beautiful outdoor living space, and to WANT to open my living room blinds again - OHHHHH YEAH! Not to mention to get on the trampoline again and jump safely - with both children jubilant at my side. Thank you God, what a wonderful weekend!
(Everything is in "storage mode" - normally the gauzy side flaps would be down - but a little fearful dogs would have a hey-day with them, and some of the furniture would be moved out - but want to keep it under cover until the rains are over)(The little white flags are indicators to the dogs that, "cross those and you get zapped" - it seems to be working - Sydney is very weary of going anywhere near that area)

* The sad state of our back yard has been something of a mystery. Yes, we've been aware that the dogs have dug, defecated, and drug all sorts of junk all over it. However, that doesn't explain why there have been these gaps of no grass, particularly since we've tried reseeding it numerous times. Come to find out, there are these little insects that infest yards that have been laid with sod. They lay their eggs in the grass and consume it - the Scotts guy at Home Depot was surprised we had a yard left at all. So, those little critters are on their way out, and the dogs have been trapped out - so we are very much hoping, someday soon, we'll have a lush green lawn again.


HollieHobbie said...

beautiful!!!! You have inspired me to get outside and get things done. I love the cabana! Good job for being so well organized and getting your yard ready for Spring.

StephieAnne said...

Hollie - we have John's family, including Leona's boyfriend from Indiana all gathering at our house on St. Patrick's Day - so I wanted the cousins to have a place to play, and weather permitting, an opportunity to hang out outside..... (otherwise, who knows when it would have gotten done!)