Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thankul List

Blogspot still not letting me put pictures up - grrrr...... not on my thankful list!

1. A weather forecast that has Saturday looking great - the day we'll have John's family all together at our house
2. The current worship song on my computer that has me distracted in a very good way
3. My mom, who "fixed" me yet again - now I can turn my head to the right again!
4. Kids, jumping away on the trampoline - again - we've missed you, dear trampoline!
5. The smells - have I mentioned that lately? Oh, I just love stepping outside and smelling sweet blossoms of spring-
6. A lilac tree I planted here when we moved - because I love cut lilac arrangements and their smell - that is finally, for its first year, going to bloom
7. A friend like Lisa who prunes my rose bushes since I really show them no love at all (they were here when we moved)
8. Brayden's teacher - she loves Brayden and I just LOVE her for that
9. Mikayla's pre-school - and her opportunity to extend her stay there through kindergarten - and Mikayla's love for that place
10. A husband, who shows his love for me so much, that he is remembered by the gal who's name I was given as a possible "group babysitter". Unbeknownst to me, she actually works at Bello (the spa place we'll go to which is why we'll need the babysitter) and knows exactly who I am because of the huge impression John made when he bought Michele and I gift certificates there. Man, God blessed me bigtime! (and, because of all this, she is managing to get off an hour early just to come and babysit for Michele, Lisa and I on Stephie's birthday Spa Day).

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