Friday, March 30, 2007

Out of Routine

- On a sidenote- I just saw a video on the Today Show of a six year old boy being surprised by his dad appearing in his classroom after being gone for 7 months serving in Iraq - whew - don't know how you can watch that without getting teary-eyed!

I have tell you, I don't especially love having to stick to schedules. I don't love accountability, and I'm not especially disciplined. That rebellious side of me just loves not having to do something just because I'm supposed to...... However, I have loved what has transpired this winter with my Glow-Lamp and the reading of my Bible in a Year. I've been ever so faithful at waking up at 6:20, getting my Russian tea, some cereal, and sitting down to read my Bible first, then cruise my computer, and finally, read the newspaper prior to waking the kiddos up. I don't know if I ever gone as long as I have with this kind of consistent habit. It's comforting and routine - and I enjoy it, and that kind of surprises me, that it doesn't feel opressive, but rather a mark of success. Likewise, the exercise has been going quite well, especially when compared to years past - the fact that the place I work out is right next to Mikayla's pre-school has helped create a great routine there too.

However, I wondered how this would all work during the summer - so spring break has been a test run. Let me tell you, it hasn't worked. Despite my best intentions, I have a lot of reading to catch up on, and the scales, I can guarantee, will not be kind on Monday morning. This doesn't bode well for a 12 week stretch coming up in June. I think I'll have to kick up the discipline a notch because this laziness just aint working for me. I think the key will not be using the term "vacation" when referring to the summer - because this body of mine equates vacation to indulgence, and while fun for a time..... long term, not so pretty! So, perhaps, maybe just a little routine can be a very good thing.....


HollieHobbie said...

Hey! What a post and at the exact time that I needed it! Thanks, Steph. I was trying to get some words to actually ask for help/suggestions from all of you. Like how to be on a schedule. How to stay focused. How to stay organized. If you all have daily plans. Etc. This actually surprises me about you because you seem so focused and like you accomplish all you set out to do. Interesting that it doesn't come natural for you.
Way to go to realize this though, ahead of time and figure out what to do come June.

StephieAnne said...

Ha-Ha-Ha Hollie - you crack me up! Apparently I must do a great job of faking it or I need to write a lot more about how long it takes to get the bins of laundry out of my family room (all week) - or the dirt all over the floor, or stuff all around. Perhaps, because having the home "put together" - at least in general terms - means so much to me and gives me such a peace of mind, I write making it sound like I'm on top of it. In reality, when the house is all clean, it's such a victory that I can't help but rejoice over it in the blog as emotionally it makes me so happy.

As for the morning routine, knowing that Glow Lamp is doing me good, it's kind of nice in mind that I'm killing two birds with one stone.