Friday, March 09, 2007

We All Survived

Good news - everyone has returned from the mountain in one piece. Bad news - my legs are already sore - I think getting out of bed tomorrow will be difficult indeed! Once again, I'll use the pics to chronicle how each family member did for the day-
Mikayla first - we decided on the way up to the mountain that we'd do skis for both Mikayla and I. It just seemed like an easier choice, and didn't require a lesson on my part (although that would have been wise). When we got to the mountain, we signed her up for an hour lesson - here she is with her instructor, Tom.

When I returned after the hour (they encourage parents to leave the kids), she was able to go down the slope quite effectively - I was quite impressed! I'm very glad she had such a positive first experience-Here's the snowman her and Tom made when she requested a "break"-
Steph chose to have Travis teach her how to snowboard - here's a pic of her getting her boots on at the base. I met them up at the top in the midst of her lesson. She didn't seem especially thrilled. However, she stuck it out, did a great job with the basics - and eventually told Travis- "this isn't my thing". Better effort torwards snowboarding than I made!This is an appropriate pic of Brayden - unfortunately, due to him being quite sick this week, his stamina was shot. He had a hard time making it down the mountain, but John was there helping him every step and fall of the way. Hopefully, we'll all make another shot of it before the year ends so we end on a good note.
Finally, me - while Mikayla was taking her lesson - I figured I ought to give the mountain the ol' college try. It felt weird (and quite foolish) to attempt the ski-lift and run by myself (everyone else had all gone their separate ways), but I had a renewed confidence in making it on and off without biffing it. When I got to they top, however, it seemed a long steep way down and all of a sudden, I found myself forgiving Michael for the incident 11 years ago. It wasn't his fault - I felt the same way this time and I'd done it to myself. Some folks on the lift had shared the snowplow method for stopping, so I tried that right away, but still found myself gaining speed at an alarming and uncontrollable rate. I ended up, high up a side slope, my momentum and rear end finally finding itself stopped. I laughed as my cell phone began ringing - an ideal time to sit and chat. However, upon realizing I couldn't talk with my helmet on, I took it off - only to watch it roll down the hill- at this point, I was laughing hysterically - wishing someone had a hidden camera going (I'm willing to laugh at myself when I'm this pathetic....). I then reached for my cell (now that the helmet was out of the way), only to find it slide down the hill too! More laughter. I didn't even know how to get down the hill and be able to stop to retrieve either item, so I found myself eventually crawling for the phone. People were watching, concerned - it was a show. At that point, I lost my pole - and laughed heartily repeating the whole scene to John who was still on the line...... Kind people helped me with the other two lost items......
I'm pleased to report that the secret to skiing really is believing that you can do it, and by the end of the 3rd run I was feeling a bit like "Suzy Chapstick". Of course, 4 year olds were whizzing by me right and left, but at least I was able to get down the Marshmallow Run without falling, and actually excited to try it again sometime soon.


HollieHobbie said...

hahahaha!!!! do you ever just ignore your ringing cell phone? haha!

StephieAnne said...

Oh yes, lots of times - however, this time it meant I wasn't totally alone on top of a mountain I was terrified to get down!

stephietoo said...

Stephie was very kind to me in this post. I probably made it 100 yards when I decided I was done with snowboarding. When Travis told me to take my snowboard off and walk to him, I was thrilled that I was actually allowed to take the snowboard off on the mountain. I quickly did so and handed it over to him. He snowboarded the rest of the way down the mountain with my board, and I walked the rest of the way down the mountain. I got lots of stares, and even had a little "ski-wee" stop next to me to see what was going on. Pretty funny! When I turned in my gear, I told the guy at the desk that snowboarding wasn't for me and that I walked down the mountain, and his reply was, "Oh, that was you!?" I am glad I did it, I really enjoyed it, and I love my husband for putting up with me during it! Will I do it again?? Umm, not too sure about that.