Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mega Sports Camp

A very un-exciting post, but for history sake I felt the need to post some pics of the kids at their sports camp. If a Mega-Sports Camp comes through your town (it's a program church's adopt as a camp theme) - I highly recommend it, our kids had a blast - and you can't beat the fact that they came home teaching us Hebrews 12;1-2. Very cool. The pictures show Brayden and his coach (she really did like him despite the fact she wasn't smiling), Nati as the only girl in her soccer group, and if you look carefully, Traig singing. As for today, we're off to get pedicures - and Hallelujiah, it's a sunny (warmer) day forecasted, the dogs are penned up in Koda's yard for the day, and we have a very enthusiastic babysitter ready to take on all 7 children. (Lisa's included). It should be a very good day!

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