Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sicky Central

On Sunday morning, Michele announced to me that she hadn't had a very good night's sleep. Apparently, Nati was running quite a temperature and completely lethargic. I witnessed it first hand when I asked if she would like to have some breakfast and she said yes, and told me what kind of cereal, but then ended up laying on the floor next to the kitchen table instead of sitting in a chair to eat. Her cheeks were very flushed - all she wanted to do was do nothing. Unfortunately, she had contracted this little bug from her brother (Traig) who had stayed home with Dad over the weekend (he's not that into "My Little Pony"). Poor guy missed his last basketball game of the season feeling just like Nati did, but beginning on Saturday.

So, I wondered when Brayden got out of the car on Monday. Normally, he races our neighbor (we carpool) to the door of the school, but on Monday he walked very slowly. I actually told Mikayla, "I don't think your brother is feeling well today". Sure enough, around 10:30, the school called, he had thrown up in the hallway (not a symptom of this bug, I think it was just a by-product of the spike in temperature and eating at the wrong time), and I picked my pale, lethargic boy up.

He's feeling the same way today. Mikayla seems to have it too, as she is running a temperature. She definitely has more energy than he does, but both are on rotating doses of kids' tylenol and advil products.

When you are used to a hyper boy who sometimes just doesn't know how to settle down, there is something quite endearing when he is forced to slow down due to a bug. Brayden is much more cuddly and calm. However, I have my first haircut and color since October scheduled tomorrow at 10, and I REALLY don't want to miss it. Things aren't looking too good, though - Traig still isn't back to school - and perhaps might not even go tomorrow (he still feels worse than Nati).....bummer. We'll just have to wait and see-


HollieHobbie said...

Oh My! How I know! This is my 6th week of off and on someone being sick.
I sure do hope you can follow through on your hair appt. Since October....that is a long time! But in your pics your hair does look beautiful!

StephieAnne said...

I knew, of all people, you'd appreciate that it's been a long time since my hair has been pampered! As an update, Mikayla is my bigger concern today..... I'm going to take them to school and then see how long it takes before I get a phone call!