Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Slowly, but Surely.....

- I will get all of the Christmas decorations put away and the year-round decor put back up
- I will rid the house of the bins: of laundry, Christmas decor, new toys, Harvest decor, and miscellaneous that are driving me batty
- I will adjust that it's 2007 and not 2006, and stop writing that in my checkbook
- I will equalize in my emotional state - fluctuating between euphoric highs, and "Heaven help me" lows.....that I've come to expect at this time of year
- I will organize all of the cabinets, corners, pantries, and closets that are overwhelming me right now in their disorganized state
- I will adjust again to waking up at 6:30 and not 9:30 in the morning - a time that just within the last 5 days our family has set a pattern for...... Whew, returning to the school schedule tomorrow will be grueling
- My body will acclimate to considerably less calories and considerably more exercise
- I will gain the perspective that indeed, all these changes will only happen: slowly, but surely


StephieAnne said...

Great post - and great resolutions. Your ideas were very inspiring. Given that I've had very little time with you since high school, I still picture that vibrant, active, talented, friendly, fun, and intelligent person that you were then. So, in that light, it's hard for me to imagine you not liking the person you are now. I hope you keep posting, your writing is amazing......

chele said...

I echo what Steph wrote. You are amazing and I so appreciate your candid insight. And thank-you too for your kind words in the Christmas card - if you only knew how human I am... Steph could certainly fill you in if you ever doubt.... :) And incidentally, our trailer has "faux" hardwood floors - not nearly as impressive as the last house, but something to keep one smiling I guess... :)
Love you-

chele said...

Cute blog entry - I think you write for many of us who wonder when there will ever be a dent in the to-do list...