Monday, January 15, 2007

Organization Update #2

So, despite the forced stay-home days due to snow, I sure didn't get a lot of "above and beyond" work done in the house. ONLY because I knew I had to post this did I force myself to clean out the arts & crafts cabinet - which proves this accountability thing kind of works. John was impressed, at least, so that's a good thing. Does it count that he organized the garage this weekend?

How's everyone else's progress?


LiteraryGirl said...

The first thing I did this morning was have a quiet time, so day 1 of my "get my butt in gear" is working. And I haven't eaten much yet, outside of coffee, but I am menu planning today.

HollieHobbie said...

WTG you two! Awesome! I am livng vicariously through you in hopes that osmosis sets in. Good job, guys!

stephietoo said...

My front room is completely cleared out. However, travis moved all of the boxes into the den and now I have to change my organization room to the den. Slowly but surely getting to it though. Sly Cooper 3 has been occupying most of my time these days. Darn that raccoon!

Anonymous said...

No cleaning going on in the laundry room yet. My house is so small, I have no pushes my organizational skills to the max. What wonderful excuses!

But I have walked every single day so far in 2007 - even when I had to change back out of pjs and when I was sick! Hooray! (And my dog loves me for it, too.)