Friday, January 12, 2007

Snow Day

Okay Hollie, I know it's less than 4 inches, but it's the most snow I've seen around here for several years....(sadly), and by golly, those snow days are in the contract, they might as well get used!

What follows are pictures showing how we spent our day - at least, morning. We went over to our buddies (same place we went for the last snow day - why mess up our snow when we can go someplace else and mess up there's?). Our dear friend, Amy first tired to get their golden retriever to pull the sled - when Belle wouldn't budge, she tried the riding lawnmower. It was a hit! If it looks dangerous, really, it was safe...... =)


HollieHobbie said...

Pete and I always laughed at the amount of snow they cancelled school for. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a snowday, right now, because they are so fun and unexpected. It's just, ya know, the whole "being from Maine" thing. Although, they are, right now, having better weather than we are.
Looks like you guys had a fun day!
Oh, and the whte is beautiful, so I am not making fun of that, just a snow day for 4"?????

StephieAnne said...

It's all about community preparedness. Way too many accidents yesterday and people freak. Bend doesn't do school closures either because people know what they are doing there. But, around here, people have no clue. There was a semi that overturned on 1-5 hitting a couple of other cars causing a fatality - school districts hear news like that and say, "yup, close 'em down". By the way, today we have a 2 hour delay......(which is perfect because it will give Brayden the chance to make up for his lack of sleep yesterday!) =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my friend/babysitter is from eastern Idaho and I got a long, scathing lecture yesterday afternoon about how in Idaho they don't close down school unless it's -20 and there's a blizzard and even the snow plows aren't working....So does that mean we can't make fun of Californians for shutting everything down when it rains? :)

BTW, Steph, that first pic reminded me too much of snow days when I was a kid and my dad made a sled out of sheet metal and pulled us around the block behind the car. Glad to see you're still a kid at heart!

HollieHobbie said...

Heather what town in Idaho is she from?