Sunday, January 21, 2007

In Search of the Giving Tree

One of the best and "at-the-time-I'd-almost-rather-not-deal-with" activities of the Christmas Season is my participation with a team of women who organize and distribute gifts for our church's "Giving Tree". For the last two years my responsibilities have been more administrative, I get to do all of the typing of the labels - and this year Lisa and I got to go pick out the Christmas tree.

It was a doubly special event as we were able to go to my friend, Sharon's, tree farm. This is Michele and I's oldest family friend - not that she is the oldest (far from it - she looks great!), but that Michele and I grew up with her kids and she and her husband were best friends to my parents when we were all little kids. I have a post in 2005 that shows pictures of us at her house for the annual pumpkin carving party. They are very special people. It was made EVEN better by having Michele and the kids around so we could all go out together.

Next year, note to Lisa and I, bring a pair of clippers to cut the bottom tree limbs if you plan on putting the tree up in a stand at the church......

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