Sunday, January 07, 2007

Organization Update

Just so you know, these weekly posts will be my own source of accountability and may not be interesting to readers at all. I'm okay with that. Because, at this point, nearly every cabinet, closet, and drawer could use an overhaul. There are many things I am very organized with - particularly in planning vacations, camping, and Christmas time - but, keeping things maintained ongoing in an organized fashion in my home is not a strong point. I know how to make it better, but the kiddos, continual clutter, and constant additions of more stuff create downfalls in my best efforts right and left.

So, from now through February I'm going to hold myself accountable on this blog to make efforts each week to tackle areas in my home. No promises on which places I'll choose, but if I conquer a little each week - it will be a very good thing for my sanity.

So, this week's update - here's what got done:

1. The kids' books, coloring books and art supplies that are not stored in cabinets got sorted through. Many Dollar Tree coloring books half completed are now happy in the recycling bin. On the bright side - my kids have both taken off in the coloring dept - a very happy, peaceful, and good fine motor skill activity. Now, any suggestions on what to do with all of their artwork?

2. The toy bin holder (the kind Target has on sale this week for $38) that was in Brayden's room was cleared out and moved in to Mikayla's room. Booted out were many bins, and stored away for May are several toys to be sold at the neighborhood garage sale. Even better, the post Christmas ESPN Football "Foosball style" toy* has now found a place in Brayden's room instead of becoming a fixture in our living room. This makes me very happy.

* Kind of a cool deal - this is a toy that I read about online prior to the Christmas season that was highly applauded as being a great family toy. It's made by Fisher Price and looks like a foosball table, but is electronic and has a standing pad on each side in which you run in place if you are doing a running play to get your player to move faster down the table. John and Brayden put it together last night and I heard "This is awesome" once they begun playing it. Here's the cool thing - the original price on the toy (which took it out of the running for consideration for a Christmas present) was $140 - ouch, not worth it. However, in the week following Christmas when I was at Target, I walked by an endcap - and low and behold there it was - 75% off - just $35. I still called John to see if even that was worth it, but he gave me the go ahead and I think we both feel like we did good.

So, Hollie, how's your organization going? How's the garage, Heather? Little by little, slowly but surely are the mottos in this household!

P.S. John is currently watching "The Apprentice". Honestly, it's hard for me to be in the same room when that show is on. The altercation between him and Rosie O'Donnell was pathetic, particularly how lewd and disgusting his comments were...... I know we all have our faults, but his really get to me!!!!


MrsQuigs said...

WOW! Good Job!
This week, I am going to tackle EQ's room. I want to clean, organize, and throw away all the junk she accumulates. I will keep you posted.

HollieHobbie said...

You are such an inspiration, Steph! I could read daily updates on your organization.
Mine: there's always tomorrow......
So artwork: we have two pantries, so with two pantry doors I have Em's on one and M's on the other. How about fridge? Or a wall down the hall? or in frames down the hall? or in a 3-4 inch binder?
You are soo awesome for tackling and not becoming so overwhelmed that you sit back and think about it instead of doing it.

Anonymous said... progress. But I did get the xmas stuff back in the attic, so that felt good. is a resource one of my friends really got into - I just could not, although I believe it's all really good advice about cleaning. I found myself falling behind and giving up too often.

One recent bright idea I had for some of their best artwork was to scan it in, then save into "My Pictures" so it could be part of my slide show, I could email it, etc...haven't done this yet but what an idea, eh? Another idea would be putting in page protectors and making an album - I used to put all my "doubles" of the kids into cheap albums and they loved looking through them.

Colie said...

Thanks for the info about the toy storage thing at Target. I went out and bought one - saving $21! I had a feeling I knew what you were talking about - it seems that so many people use this!

Organization - I think I'm nesting. We got Tana's room painted and sold a bunch of random things on Craig's list! I'm now determined to organize both kids' rooms and our office:-).

Have a wonderful day. It was a sneak peak spring day!