Friday, January 12, 2007

Just a 2 Hour Delay Today

Some thoughts of the day-

- Thankful for the two hour delay this morning for Brayden's sake - he caught up on a little sleep, at least
- Thankful for the good news from 2 blogs I check on lately - that my long-distance "cyber-friends-in-prayer" are both seeing postive health changes
- Wondering why my mom and dad got twice as much snow as we did (and how come that never seemed to be the case when we lived out there vs. in town.....)
- Realizing that as busy as I was in the months prior to Christmas, constantly out running errands, contributed greatly to the avoidance of 24-7 eating which I seem to want to do lately, when I have much less to do
- Impressed again with another Disney channel movie - "Jump In" - always a neat thing when it's a movie we all enjoy (Brayden says it is his favorite) and it has a great message
- Surprised that it never got above freezing today - and amazed at how beautiful sparkling snow is
- Ready to contest those who argue our frivolous "no school" snow days that they are our "just rewards" for getting snow perhaps one day a year. Those who get snow all the time, sorry, so few snow days, but you get the joy of snow! (and, no, Hollie, I'm not picking a fight.....I'm saying this all in fun!)

Deep thoughts, huh? I definitely need to get out more next week!

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